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Ball Bar Test

 Are your CNC machines ready to make money? If you haven’t checked them out recently – within the last year or so – this is a very good time to run a Ball Bar Test. Erickson Machine Tools can run a Ball Bar Test in less than half a day that will tell you whether your vertical or horizontal CNC spindles can cut a true circle.

Erickson service technicians are experienced in administering and interpreting Ball Bar tests. They can help you discover errors such as backlash, servo spikes, out-of level and out-of-square, reversal spikes, vibration, and others.
Here are two charts, done on a Fadal machine in our shop, before and after. This machine was thought to be in good condition. The Ball Bar Test showed it to be out of level by about .0015 inch! It would not have been able to do close work. EMT technicians re-leveled the machine, solving the problem. 
 Ball Bar before levelingAfter Leveling
As you can see, the test is much more circular and congruent after leveling.  This test made it possible to produce good parts from the used Fadal CNC Mill.
A Ball Bar Test is not expensive!  Our Tech may be able to test several machines in one day, with just one travel charge. To learn more about what Ball Bar Testing can mean to your production capability, see this article:
Ball Bar testing equipment costs thousands, but you can get tests done and interpreted by EMT experts for much less than the cost of the testing equipment.* Call Dave Lockhart, EMT Service Manager, at 800-247-3905.